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Do I need a Blog? Podcast? YouTube for Business?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Let's first figure out where your ideal client is and where they are going to consume content before we identify if you need a blog, podcast or YouTube for business.

I want to help you figure out where your ideal client avatar is and where they are going to consume content.

It's so important to know that answer because you can have a beautiful website all you want, but if you're not putting out content and value in front of the right eyeballs, then they're probably taking their business elsewhere (like, your competition!), and we do not want that.

So the question is...

Do you need to Blog, Podcast, or YouTube for Business?

This question comes up all the time and it's why my partner, Christine and I created this ideal avatar worksheet, which you can find it right on our homepage, so that you can know exactly who your ideal client and customer is. By filling out that worksheet, you're gonna have a much better understanding as to where they are when they're on the web, and where are they going when they're looking up questions. You'll know where they go when they search - Are they over in Google trying to type in a question there? If so, then it probably would be advantageous of you to start blogging, or start a YouTube channel.

Now what if you are blogging but really your ideal avatar is consuming their content by listening to podcasts because because they're an audio learner? Well then you're probably going to want to be a podcaster, right?

What's great about blogging, YouTube-ing, and podcasting, is that all of them are evergreen sources for your brand and business!

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool that everybody uses. It's a fabulous free way to market your business, your products, your goods and services, but, it can be here today and gone tomorrow. Reality is, you have no ownership there. And because it's a crazy busy world, your content is here one second, and then disappears when the next hot topic and story comes out. In a very busy world, it's important to stand out and create content that is searchable and doesn't go away! That is why I love all things Podcasting, YouTube and blogging.

When I say evergreen, what does that term mean?

That means it's everlasting, it is going to be there, it's going to be searchable, it's going to be there for whenever your ideal customer or client is trying to search for it and find the answers to their questions.

I highly suggest you take our Ideal Avatar resource to help you know where your customers go to consume content and seek answers to their questions (aka the thing you sell and provide them solutions with!). It's going to help you be able to decide whether you are going to start blogging, or Podcasting, or using YouTube for Business.

Here are some helpful additional resources for you:

Podcasting Hosting: (this is what I use)

For Blogging, YouTube & Podcasting SEO:

What's great about SEO (search engine optimization), is that when you know the right keywords that are perfect for what your article/episode is, you're going to help yourself so much with showing up higher in search, which is going to help you beat out your competition, which is going to get in front of the right people, etc.! And let's be honest, no one's really scrolling even halfway down page one, let alone going to page two or three when they're going to Google to find out their answers to their questions, right? So we want to help you 10x your results, we want to help you beat out all of your competition. So the SEO secrets course that P2 Design has put out will be perfect for you if that is your goal.

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