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The Best Place To Hide A Dead Body Is Page 2 Of Google...

seo secrets

It's Time You Discover SEO Secrets

How To Be The #1 Search Result Your Ideal Customers Are Looking For

And Why Your Competitors May Be Beating You To The Punch
When It Comes To Customer Acquisition

seo secrets




seo secrets

Are you stuck wondering...

Why am I not showing up in Google when I KNOW that my content is so good!

How is my competition getting found on page 1 of search engines?

I searched for SEO and its information overload! How do I know what will work?

seo secrets
Order Now

Here's What You'll Get:

“SEO Secrets Course” Pre-Launch Special ($997 Value)

FULL Access to Private P2 Lounge Facebook Group ($697 Value)

Lifetime Entry To The Course (Usually Only 1 Year) ($2997 Value) 

Unrestricted Access To ALL Future Updated Video Tutorials ($1,497 Value)

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD BONUS #1 -  CliffNotes to Blogging and Vlogging  ($997 Value)

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD BONUS #2 - Pre-Designed Spreadsheet with embedded Tips to manage Keywords  ($497 Value)

Total Offer +BONUS Value TODAY: $7,682

seo secrets


"The SEO tips have helped me get found on Page 1 of Google sooner than I thought and I now have more work than I can keep up with!"

-John Cottingham,
Cottingham Home Improvement

"I had a site designed for me from another company who did not add SEO. It wasn't until P2 Design's SEO help that I finally was getting found in search!"

-Renee Teller,
Life Strategist 


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And it's not SCARY!  It's a set of carefully researched and tested instructions that you follow to attempt to get a page to rank higher in a search engine’s SERPs (search engine results pages), with the ultimate goal being to increase organic (unpaid) traffic to your site.


Wait! I don't have a Blog or Youtube Channel.  What do I need to do to get started?

If you don't have a Blog, or Youtube Channel...we can help.  Head on over to our Blog +SEO Secrets course.

Do I really need to do this SEO step? Won't my blog just get found over time?

Yes! SEO can help you build better relationships with your audience, improve the customer experience, increase your authority, drive more people to your site, give you an edge over the competition, and increase conversions, which means more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth for your business.


How much time will I need to commit?

The average time to go through the course is 5 hours. That's it! Then you will just implement and apply everything you learned! The best part - once you've completed the course, the SEO Secrets get easier and easier to apply especially when you use our CliffsNotes and Tracker spreadsheet.

I’m not technical. Can I really update my site myself?

Yes you can. When you purchase our course, you will receive a full set of easy to follow instructions that walks you through step by step on how to add SEO to your site.

How quickly will I get found once I add the SEO?

We know you want to be on Page 1 of Google instantly! But, it’s important to remember that the process takes time. There are millions of people just like you, trying to get on page 1 of Google every single day.  Google expects your site to grow organically, over time.  It can take 3 to 6 months before you start to rank up in Google.  Please Be patient. Don’t be tempted to give up too soon!  (One of the biggest mistakes you can make) 


The keys to success are Good Content and Good SEO.

Will Blogging help SEO?

Yes! Each new blog you create is another opportunity to rank for a target keyword related to your business. The more high-quality blogs you create, the wider the net you cast across your industry’s organic search results. 

If you don't have a blog...we can help.  Head on over to our Blog +SEO Secrets course.

Is there an ongoing cost for SEO?

Nope. It's a set of carefully researched and tested instructions that you follow.  There are no out of pocket costs.  But it will take some of your time, which we know is extremely valuable.The results will be so worth it!

Can I do SEO at any time? My site has been up for years.

If you want to boost your SEO, look no further than updating your old content. This is the perfect way to increase the traffic your website gets from search engines, and it's guaranteed to make a huge improvement in how well your content ranks. 

Can I hire P2 Design to complete the SEO on my site for me?

Yes. If you are not comfortable following our course, you can hire us to update your website for you. We will need to partner with you to get some important answers to help you get found...then we're off and running implementing the SEO for you.

Want to know what SEO typically costs?

( This is the Google search result for "seo costs")

seo secrets
seo secrets

We show you everything you need to know in our SEO Secrets course at a fraction of the cost!

What's included in the course?

39 Lessons
Cliff's Notes
Spreadsheets to Manage Your Work

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