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web design services


Personal Branding is way more than a fancy logo or choosing a color palette - and it's also much more important today than it’s ever been. Branding your business is about having a clear mission and message. It's having a deep understanding of who your ideal customer is and how you can serve them. Your brand needs to connect and convert.


That is why our focus is on building intentional brands with strong passion and purpose.

Our web design services range from web strategy and development, to logo design and brand mood, to internet marketing and beyond. We are here to make your life easier while bringing your vision and mission to light on the web. 



     Brand Vision + Style

     Brand Development

     Logo Design



     Brand Photography*


     Digital Strategy 



     Search Engine


     YouTube Creation + 


     Social Media Design




     Web Design +


     Membership Sites


     Product Launch


     Domain Connection +


  • What does it typically cost for a custom website?
    A custom website can be a huge differentiator for your business. It provides a place for you to showcase your business and stand apart from your competitors. A 1-10 page website with blogging, custom logo, branding, SEO, video marketing, membership services, stores can range anywhere from $1200-$15000+ depending on your individual needs. We offer free 30 minute consultation calls so we can understand your needs. After the call a quote will be created just for you.
  • What if I don’t have a lot of money to invest. How can I get a website for my business online?
    We realize it is an investment to have a custom website developed for your business. We also know that everyone, especially new business owners, may not have the capital to invest. We invite you to check out our Website Templates for small business owners and network marketers. Click 'Shop' in our navigation to see live examples of the templates. It may be just what you need to get started. The templates are professional, beautifully designed, easy to maintain and affordable! The price of a website template is 80-90% less than the cost of a custom website.
  • What are these Website Templates that P2 Design offers? Who are they for?
    Our website templates are for small business owners, entrepreneurs and network marketers. They are an opportunity for you to get a professional website, that’s beautifully designed, easy to maintain and affordable. Most templates are 80-100% lower than the cost a custom website. If you don’t see a template that you desire, please contact us. We are always adding to our collections.
  • What if I need help with the website template or another course that I purchased? How will I get support?
    We offer a Private Facebook Group for continued support! The Interactive Private groups are a great resource for you to learn best practices and ask questions.
  • I’m not technical. Can I really update a website template myself?
    Yes you can. When you purchase a website template, you will receive a manual that walks you through step by step on how to make updates to the site text and photos. Your site can be up and running in a day, depending how quick you are at writing your copy ;)
  • Can I hire P2 Design to complete a website template for me?
    Yes. If you are not comfortable following our manual, you can hire us to update the templates for you with your content and photos that you would like replaced. Cotact us for a quote. You’ll find that we continue to provide a steep discount with this approach compared to a custom built website.
  • What If I don’t see a website template for my business?
    If you don’t see a template that you desire, please contact us. We are always adding to our collections.
  • What’s my total investment / cost after purchasing a Website Template?
    Our website templates are 80-90% less expensive than a custom website. After you purchase a template $197 for a 1 page and $497 for a 5 page, you then have 2 additional options. Domain Name - $11 to $20 a year. A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website. A Domain name can also be free with a host name connected to and looks something like this: Hosting Fee - Web hosting is a service that allows you to post a website or web page onto the Internet such as Wix, BlueHost, or Host Gator. Web Hosting can be Free if you don’t own a domain name. (Wix offers Free hosting if you don’t use a specific domain). Cost is approx $150 a year ($13 a month) if you own your own domain name. This is very reasonable. Many other hosts (i.e. Hostgator, Blue Host charge around $50 per month) Total investment examples: $197 - 1 page site without a custom domain name $364 - 1 page site with a custom domain name $497 - 5 page site without a custom domain name $664 - 5 page site with a custom domain name
  • Why wouldn't I just create a website with Wix myself and not use a P2 Design template?
    You can absolutely create a wix website yourself. Here are a couple of questions to think about. How much time do you have to create a website? How much experience do you have? An average 5 page website will take approximately 50 hours to create your fully functional site. At P2 Design, we have over 20 years combined experience in website design, development, usability, graphics, branding and more. We created these templates so you can be up and running quickly with a professional site thats beautifully designed and easy for you to maintain.
  • Do I keep paying P2 Design to maintain my website?
    No. You don’t need to pay us to maintain your website. We designed our websites and websites templates with you in mind. We develop them so that you can maintain your site yourself. We don’t want you to have to keep hiring us. We believe this approach differentiates us from pretty much everyone else out there. If you want to hire us to help you, we can provide you with a quote for the service you are looking for. Our price is $200 an hour for custom work.
  • Does P2 Design write the content for my website?
    No, at P2 Design, we don’t write the content, sometimes called copy, for your website. This is your chance to share your story in your own words. If you think you need help, we can find a consultant to help you.
  • What if I want to add some additional features to a website or website template. How would I do that?
    If you're looking to add a feature such as a pop up box to share alerts with your viewers, a chat now feature, a connection to your ‘Square’ payment, a private membership site, a store to shop or a blog, you're going to be happy you are with Wix. We chose Wix as our host and web design tool because of the ease of use to maintain a site. They have great help tools and instructions to support your needs. You are welcome to try to ‘add’ features yourself by using the Wix help tools. You can also ask questions in the private Facebook group, or you can hire us to help you. We always provide a quote before any work is started. Our price is $200 an hour for custom work.
  • What if I have a website already but I would like to redesign my current website?
    We are happy to do a free 30 minute consulting call to see what makes the most sense for you. We may redesign your current site in whatever web building tool it is hosted in (Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, Google, etc.) We may also recommend a new site which may cost less. We’ll know more once we connect.
  • Can I hire P2 Design to make a few updates or add a feature to my current website?
    Yes. We are happy to help you with your current site. Contact us to set up a free 30 minutes consultation call. We will provide a quote for any services. Our price is $200 an hour for custom work. Depending what you what you want done, you may be interested in our website templates. You may be able to get a whole new site for a lot less.
  • What’s the difference between a host and a domain?
    Domain - A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website. A Domain name can also be free with a hostname connected to it and looks something like this: Host - Web hosting is a service that allows you to post a website or web page onto the Internet such as Wix, BlueHost, or Host Gator. Web Hosting can be Free if you don’t own a domain name. (Wix offers Free hosting if you don’t use a specific domain).
  • Why do you use Wix for the website design and host?
    We LOVE Wix! Here’s Why: Wix is easy for you to make changes and updates! When we deliver your site to you, we don’t want you to have to hire us again! We want to save you money! With our customized and SIMPLE directions and instructions you will be able to maintain and manage your site with ease! Wix provides you with beauty and visibility. Not only can you create a stunning website but you can get found in google with our proprietary P2 Design advanced optimization techniques! Wix has the best pricing options for hosting!
  • Can I use one of your website templates and add it to my current website?
    Unfortunately no. Our website templates are designed for you to create a new website. We’ve had customers who wanted to make updates to their current site, but found it took less time to utilize one of our website templates and it resulted in them having a new, fresh website for their business.
  • I'm a network marketer and my company gives me a website. Why would I need a separate website?
    Network Markers are sending prospects to a company site that does not showcase who they are. A company website is beautiful to build up the company, but not the individual distributor. A company website does not take a cold prospect from cold to warm to purchasing. It does not show off that persons charisma, charm or heart. As we know, facts tell but stories sell. Network Markets know they have to stand out but don't know how. Many have wanted a website like other network marketing pros - but they dont know how to do it. Who to trust, how much it will cost. So they never get it done. A personal website is place for a network marketer to increase their confidence, belief and professionalism and sets them apart from their competitors.




One-on-one consulting with Jennifer and Christine, the head designers and creative partners, to help you break things down, gain clarity, and give you an action plan to take your brand to the next level. These sessions are for the entrepreneur who is ready to take action! Sessions include a 60-minute zoom call, a personalized action item list, and additional email support.

Together, we'll assess your online business to identify what’s working, what’s not, strategize ways to further develop and refine your digital brand, and give you a tailored action item list. Our web design services include; visual branding, messaging, web design, online marketing and social media, product-positioning, list building, opt-ins and funnels, developing processes + systems, outsourcing, and more.

Book your strategy session below!

* We are temporarily extending a special offer for small business relief efforts until further notice!

$197   $375

web design services
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